Hiking & Walking

A quick word about mountain safety; the weather can change very quickly in the Alps. You can be enjoying a pleasant, sunny walk in the meadows, the cloud rolls in from nowhere, and suddenly find yourself dangling from a cliff by your teeth (no, hopefully not literally!) Make sure you know where you are, follow the paths and tell someone where you are going, if possible. It is a good idea to take a mobile phone, water, a sweater, and something to eat like a chocolate bar or banana at the very least. A waterproof layer would be wise too. Just be cautious.

There are many walks all round the village, all of which are well signed and have approximate timings. The  sentier des fromageries (cheese-makers’ route) will take you down to Gruyères, past some of the cheese making farms. The botanical walk on the Vudalla  mountain, opposite the chalet, takes about four hours and there are many beautiful views and flowers to see. A trip up to the Moléson summit will afford many panoramic views and a good walk back to the village.

It is possible to take the lifts up and walk down – or vice versa. The funicular railway is open daily in summer from June to mid-October from 9am until 6pm. In July and August the lift is open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday should you wish to have dinner at either Plan Francey or at Le Sommet (summit).  

Click here for information on the various walks around La Taupiniere and  Moleson.