Rediscover the joys of childhood on the  4 kilometre long sledge run!  Sledges can be rented at the funicular ticket office. They can carry 2 people: 1 adult and 1 child or 2 small adults. You may also use your own sledge, as long as it is solid enough to withstand the conditions of the run, which can get quite rough as the day progresses.

As hikers or other sledders may be encountered on the run, it is important to be able to control your speed or stop at any time. Signs indicate the end of the official sledge run at the entrance to Moléson-Village. From this point to the bottom of the funicular you must watch out for vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles.

There is no minimum age for children. Parents must judge a child’s ability to control the sledge. If in doubt, take them with you on a two-person sledge. Beware of cold temperatures.

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