Chalet La Taupiniere

Bienvenue (welcome) to La Taupiniere

Chalet La Taupiniere is located in the small Alpine village of Moléson sur Gruyères, set high amongst the summer grazing pastures of the cows producing the famous Gruyères cheese in Switzerland. The region is richly historical and spectacularly beautiful, sprinkled with idyllic towns and villages, each reflecting the character of its region. The alpine views are fabulous all year round.

The chalet is situated just above the stunning medieval village of Gruyères, in the canton of Fribourg, which is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Chalet La Taupiniere is located about 130km from Geneva and 70km from the capital, Bern.

La Taupiniere in winter
Chalet La Taupiniere in winter

Our traditional, wooden, detached chalet, built in the local architectural style, is the ideal base for your holiday in Switzerland and offers an atmosphere of relaxation and plenty of opportunity for recreation.

The chalet is perfect for year-round use. Moléson is a small ski area in winter with a number of winter sports available, as well as a wonderful summer location with plenty of activities and attractions.

The region around Moléson Village is renowned for its cheeses, rich and thick double cream, wood-smoked meringues and divine Cailler chocolate. Fabulous foods to indulge yourselves for your holiday!

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